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ReconciledAs far as I can tell, our ministry in Christ is two-fold. It’s about identity and reconciliation.  And we cannot do the latter with the right heart without seeing the former.

Both have everything to do with connection–a life embraced, to embrace.

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The Faith of New Life


In witnessing the birth of my grandchild, and watching the transformation of my daughter into a mother, it occurs to me that God has much more faith in us ~

than we have in him.

As evil overtakes this world we live in, we can see it’s doom coming……never mind that God’s word tells us what is going to happen.

And yet…..

Isn’t it amazing that God continues to bring new life into our world?

Maybe it’s because he knows that each life has already been saved by his grace and the sacrifice of his son Jesus Christ?


God Takes and He Gives

I have been silent since my Grandmother passed on -

but now I want to climb to the tallest mountain and shout -

my first Granddaughter has arrived!

Charlie Mae Cameron Rowan Luker

Charlie Mae Cameron Rowan Luker

I can’t help thinking that my dear Grandmother is a part of this beautiful baby – and in this way, will continue to be a part of my life until I get to see her again!

I pray that I can be to this child even half of what my Grandmother was to me.

I pray God will be with her all her days.

I want to thank my daughter for working so hard for the past nine months while she waited so patiently for God’s timing!

(including the extra 2 weeks!   :)

Praise God for the life he brings into this world!

Another Angel In Heaven – Goodbye Grandma


My Grandmother has lived a long life, and after running a very long race, God has called her home.

I am so sorry I was not there.  But my faith is strong and so I know God will not let the circle be unbroken…….

She has served so many, so well, and we have needed her so much in this world…..

but I guess God figures we can make it the rest of the way without her.

I thank God for blessing my life with her.

There are so many memories I cannot recall because they are all wrapped up in a fuzzy haze…but there are a few that stand out.

I can remember two instances where she literally saved my life.

I can remember being taken to church every Sunday and being “marched before God” as she always put it.

Seems she always had gospel music playing on the radio as she was busy cooking another meal for us; but her real favorite was Billy Graham as I recall.

I remember the birthday cards…..in fact, even when I was in the military, no matter where I was stationed…I always got a birthday card and Christmas card with a $5.00 bill in them.

I remember how she held my daughter in her arms, loved her, changed her diapers…I am so thankful that she got to meet my daughter.

I thank God for the sacrifices our Grandmother made for us. All her life, she put everyone ahead of herself. Some would say that our Grandmother never really got anywhere in this life….but the way I see it…..she got further than most of us will ever go.

Grandma is now enjoying her rewards in heaven. The way I see it, she must have a lot of treasures stored up by now……

Grandma never showed emotion much – it just wasn’t her thing – but now I believe she is singing with the angels……

Grandma always had a way of making us feel like we had a lot – even when we didn’t think we had much.

My Grandmother was not afraid to face the devil and do anything necessary to protect her family.  I know her many prayers reached heaven for me and the rest of my family….

and I know God heard her because we are still here.

Grandma did her best to keep God in our lives – but I think the best thing she ever did for me was to keep me before God.

My heart is filled with joy that Grandma is in heaven and even though she most likely left this world thinking she didn’t have much impact…..I believe she was met by Jesus and he said, “well done good and faithful servant.”

Grandma walked through many valleys while in this world……

and now it’s time for her to go rest high on that mountain.

Goodbye Grandma – I love you.

Jesus Called Us First

My wife placed a plastic owl in our backyard that hoots when something moves in front of it. I usually begin watering in the early hours of the morning…..being not quite awake yet……until the owl speaks to me of course.  ;)

The past few mornings, doves that live in our trees, have taken to answering the little plastic owl every morning. When I move away from the owl so that it ceases to make a call ~ the doves call out to it.  I guess they are expecting the owl ~ or what they think is another dove ~ to answer their call.

I wonder ~ how many people in this world give up on God because they don’t hear him answering their call when they feel they really need him?

After pondering this question this morning ~ I realized that most of the world has it backwards.

Seems to me that God has called out to us long before we ever call out to him so when we do get around to answering his call ~ we think we are the first to make the call and so ~ we are mistakenly disappointed when we we don’t hear an answer.

So, when circumstances in our lives bring us to a place where we feel the need to call out to God…..aren’t we actually just answering him?

I have always known that God would come into my life when I asked him to ~ but sometimes…..I may not recognize his answer……




A Brand New Life

Planting Potatoes:

these words blessed me today…may I share them with you?

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You have served Me well–I cannot complain. But still you lack; something is amiss. You hold your heart back, even from this…

A part of you, I cannot reach; a part of you, I cannot teach.

Your spirit I have won; your walk has begun, but you hold yourself in a safety zone; guarding, always guarding, not allowing it to roam–even for Me.

I want you to explore and enjoy your life, but you continue to follow the strife. You find it sticks to you like glue–it follows you.

This is My promise, you will shake free. I have not forgotten thee. But I insist that you dig, and call upon Me. I’ll not make it easy, for you ‘know‘ Me.

I AM your key–your answer to strife.

  • Everlasting love is yours.
  • Healing has been, from the foundation, and again I say–already yours.

Come a…

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Consider The Lilies

We don’t have to look far to see the beauty of God’s creation do we?

Have you ever pulled up a chair next to a lily to watch it grow?

Lily of the field

Can anyone honestly say they can take credit for doing something that caused a lily to grow?

(I’m not speaking to owners of green houses here -but wait….maybe I am  )

The point I’m sort of aiming for here is that I think God wants us to consider how his creation grows without any help from us…..

and get this…..

even as beautiful as the lily is….he will take even more care with us!

 because he is that great!

Matthew 6:28    And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin:

I hate to burst your bubble here….but not only has God created something far beyond our capability to create ourselves….neither is he impressed with anything we can do for ourselves because he will do it even better….does that make sense?

Matthew 6:29   And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

Okay, so we can’t see a lily grow……but has anyone ever listened to a lily grow?

Before I lose you to more interesting things on the internet that actually do make sense to you…..please hear me out!

Has anyone ever seen a construction site? Was it quiet? It occurs to me that when ever man sets to building something….he can’t do it without making a lot of noise.

Then, once he is finished…he has to make even more noise in telling the world what he has made.

While I sat in our garden this morning before the sun got out of bed…

things seemed so quiet and peaceful -

Made me wonder just how peaceful the garden of Eden really was!

(no, this does not tell you how great our garden is….just points to how great an imagination I have)    :)

Seems to me that man has proven that he falls so short of God’s glory in anything he does…..just look at the noise we make in this world while trying to shape God’s creation into a place we want so desperately to make our own.

Why?  Seems to me that this world was never “ours” in the first place…….

When we plant our garden each year….we know that it is not ours.

Just as when we plant a seed of faith in another human being…..we know it is no longer ours. Like a garden….God will make that seed grow.

This earth, this beautiful earth, that smells so rich and full of life when we get on our hands and knees while we plant our little seeds.

I need think no farther than this earth that God has blessed us with each time I count my blessings. Seems to me, all the blessings God has bestowed upon me beyond being to feel, smell, and see this earth he created…are just icing on the cake are they not?

When I see a dog rolling around in the dirt, I smile……

because I know just how he feels!  :)

Even though our neighbors may not understand when they see me rolling around in the dirt – I know God does!

Once the hard work is done….

(and while my wife attempts to get the dirt stains out of my jeans……)

God takes over and we watch his glory as it comes forth from the earth.

By the way…..what comes from the earth tastes pretty good too!  :)

No fanfare, no noise, no flags or news media…no Facebook posts about how we are growing such a wonderful garden…..


I looked around me this morning and everywhere I looked….God is growing something – making something from a tiny seed we put in the ground.

I lost count after an hour……

so to save time…I just give God credit for everything my eyes can see!

We water the seeds, pull the weeds around them, in every way we can, we nurture the seeds we planted….

but we don’t make them grow.


We just plant the seeds…..and we trust God to do the rest!

Everything God makes is so wonderfully made – don’t you think?